Occasionally we publish articles from The Waldensian Review and additional content as online articles, which are available here.

The Waldensian Podcast

Podcast launch February 2021

We are delighted to have launched The Waldensian Podcast. It will feature occasional recordings and content that we collect from our events with informative speakers talking about the Waldensian Church, its history and its activities. If you subscribe... READ MORE

A Waldensian child meets Primo Levi and learns about the Holocaust

March 2021 \\ Erica Scroppo

This article by our executive secretary, Erica Scroppo-Newbury was originally published in Riforma, the Italian language Waldensian newspaper, but is now available here in English... READ MORE

Charles Beckwith

December 2012 \\ Peter Meadows

150 years ago Major-General John Charles Beckwith was buried in the cemetery of Torre Pellice, the Waldensian capital. He was 72. He was survived by his wife, Caroline, whom he had married in 1850 when aged 60, and by his only child, Charlotte, who was born six... READ MORE

Prescot Stephens

December 2012 \\ Erica Scroppo

Prescot Stephens, who died earlier this year at the age of 94, was a vivid example of the great love that so many Britons during the centuries have felt and still feel nowadays for the Waldensians and the Waldensian Church. The order of service for the... READ MORE

Virtual Waldensian Away Day

Online event recording, January 2021 \\ YouTube

In 2021 the annual away day was held online via zoom. Although we were sad not to be meeting in person we were excited to have the opportunity to open the event to a wider audience AND to bring in an impressive range of contributors including directly from Italy... READ MORE

New York Times article on Waldensians

Book Review, December 2020 \\ Elisabetta Povoledo

Protestant Church That Found Refuge in Italy’s Hills Helps Syrians Do the Same. Mindful of a history of persecution, members of the Waldensian Church have been at the forefront of a push to bring refugees from Syria to Italy.... READ MORE

The Waldensian Trunk

Book Review, November 2020 \\ Erica Scroppo

Dario Castagno lives in the countryside in Tuscany, near Siena. Apart from writing and producing his own wine and olive oil, he takes small groups of tourists, mainly Americans, around his favourite spots in the Chianti area. The Covid lockdown breaks his routine and... READ MORE

The Book Bus

September 2020 \\ Nicky Raddon

In August 2019 I was privileged to be able to spend 3 weeks in Zambia working with the British charity ‘The Book Bus’. This charity seeks to promote literacy and works alongside schools in the teaching of reading and writing. As many of the schools... READ MORE

Lecture to The Cromwell Association

London, October 2017 \\ Richard Newbury

Cromwell’s intervention in 1655 to halt the confessional cleansing of Milton’s ‘slaughtered saints’ in Piedmont. I myself first came across the Waldensians at 14 years old as part of the then O-level European History syllabus at about the same time as... READ MORE

Autodafé, by Renato Salvaggio

Book review, September 2020 \\ Erica Scroppo

Renato Salvaggio – a Lay Preacher and a member of the Waldensian Church in Palermo – recounts the past as if he had been present whilst being most attentive to the facts weaving together both the characters and events in the tradition of the historical novel... READ MORE

From the Stars to the Meditteranean Sea

August 2019 \\ Erica Scroppo

A report on a visit to Sicily by the Moderator of the URC Rev Nigel Uden and our committee member, Simone Maghenzani. The United Reformed church of Downing Place in Cambridge has been supporting, via the World Church and the World Mission Group, the... READ MORE

17th February Celebrations

February 2007, 2008, 2016 \\ various

The 17th February is an important date of celebration in the Waldensian Church. Collected together here are 3 articles from the Waldensian review about its importance and how it is traditionally marked. READ MORE