Links to other websites of interest

Waldensian Websites in English

The wesbite of the Waldensian Church in Italy

The Waldensian Cultural Centre Foundation

The Historical Waldensian Sites

The Federation of Evangelical Churches in Italy

The Diaconal Commission of the Waldensian Church in Italy

The Waldensian School in Torre Pellice, including Italian lessons for foreigners

Tourist guide to the Pellice Valley

Waldensian Websites in Italian

The Italian website of the Waldensian Church

The weekly newspaper of the Baptist, Methodist and Waldensian churches in Italy

Historic Waldensian Sites

Claudiana - Protestant Italian Publishing House

Waldensian Groups Around the World

The American Waldensian Society

The Waldensian Church in Germany

The Waldensian Church in Switzerland

The Friends of the Waldensian Church in Germany

Other Organisations' Websites

The Hugenot Society of Great Britain and Ireland

The Methodist Church in Britain

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