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Visiting the Waldensian Church in Italy

The website gives information about Waldensian sites which can be visited.

Waldensian Guesthouses

The Waldensian Church owns and runs various not for profit guest houses throughout Italy. They offer a good value, ethical and friendly way to stay in some of the most special places on earth.

They can accomodate single people, families and church groups.

The excellent website offers an overview of all the properties in English, Italian and French.

The guest houses are in:

  • Torre Pellice (The Waldensian Valleys in Piedmont)
  • Florence
  • Regello (Tuscany)
  • Rome
  • Venice
  • Pietra Ligure (Liguria)
  • Vallecrosia (Liguria)
  • Rio Marina (On Isola d'Elba)
  • Palermo
  • Riesi (Sicily)

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