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The Waldensian Review is sent twice a year to those who are interested in the Waldensian church in Italy, its history and present-day work and witness. Here you can either download the magazine in .pdf format or read it online.

If you would like to reveive a paper copy, please contact the Secretary.

Occasionally we publish articles from the magazine on our website to make for easier reading. You can scroll through them all here.

The Latest Edition

No.136, Summer 2020 - Download, Read Online

The Archive

No.135, Winter 2019 - Download, Read Online

No.134, Summer 2019 - Download, Read Online

No.133, Winter 2018 - Download, Read Online

No.132, Summer 2018 - Download, Read Online

No.131, Winter 2017 - Download, Read Online

No.130, Summer 2017 - Download, Read online

No.129, Winter 2016 - Download, Read online

No.128, Summer 2016 - Download, Read online

No.127, Winter 2015 - Download, Read online

No.126, Summer 2015 - Download, Read online

No.125, Winter 2014 - Download, Read online

No.124, Summer 2014 - Download, Read online

No.123, Winter 2013 - Download, Read online

No.122, Summer 2013 - Download, Read online

No.121, Winter 2012 - Download

No.120, Summer 2012 - Download

No.119, Christmas 2011 - Download

No.118, Summer 2011 - Download

No.117, Christmas 2010 - Download

No.116, Summer 2010 - Download

No.115, Winter 2009 - Download

No.114, Spring 2009 - Download

No.113, Summer 2008 - Download

No.112, Summer 2007 - Download

No.111, Autumn 2006 - Download

No.110, Spring 2006 - Download

No.108, Spring 2005 - Download

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